Renewable, Sustainable Building

In order to create homes that last centuries, our team at Preish Construction is hyper-focused on promoting sustainable building practices. Through the utilization of today’s modern, renewable-energy technologies, we are committed in action, as well as deed, to constructing healthy, energy-efficient, environmentally conscious homes. Our executive team is well-versed in these practices and oversees every single project that comes through our doors. 

Here are a few of the methods we use to build sustainability into our construction practices:

Renewable Building Technology

Each of our Preish team members and subcontractors stay up-to-date on the latest in renewable technology for optimal functionality, durability, and efficiency in the following areas:

Energy-Efficient Construction Techniques

Our team strives to start your project off on the right foot by reducing the use of outdated conventional energy, limiting off-gassing, minimizing wood usage, and saving resources in order to enhance your eco-conscious home to help protect the environment. These techniques include:

Renewable Products, Sustainable Techniques

When it comes to the products we source, our team at Preish adheres strictly to utilizing renewable products and also partners with a trusted team of subcontractors who are committed to using sustainable techniques in the following areas:

Renewable Building Resources

The following are organizations or companies that we are partnered with in our collective effort to build more energy-efficient, sustainable, and durable homes. They have additional resources available for your review: