Our Philosophy & Processes

Whether you already have an architect and a completed set of plans, or you are just starting the building process and putting together your team, Preish Construction brings the execution know-how you need to see your dream house come together. 

When you work with us, we’ll collaborate with the project owners, architects, engineers, design professionals, and subcontractors to ensure accurate upfront cost estimation, meticulous cost control, and diligent project management. By leveraging our specialized craftsmen and core team, we can help you maximize efficiency and maintain clear and uniform expectations.

01. Before we begin

Vision & Land Surveying

To set the tone of your project, we take the time to clearly understand your vision, style, and budget during an initial kickoff meeting. From there, one of our executive members will then be assigned to your project as the lead.

Before we can start building, your lead executive member will also need to work alongside our land surveyor to finalize your search for the right home site — or walk your existing home site to assess layout, view potential, unforeseen site difficulty, and home placement.

02. Pre-Build Phase

Requirements, Preliminary Estimate

During this phase, we discuss the specific project requirements and define how our team will manage the construction of your new home. The goal is to ensure that all parties are on the same page about the administrative and financial needs of the project.

Your project lead and estimator will then thoroughly review all preliminary plans, building specifications, and subcontractor estimates to create your preliminary estimate. Rigorous documentation, disciplined scheduling, and a comprehensive plan review checklist ensure that the project is set up for success and efficiency before proceeding to construction.


Schedules, Visits, & Financials

We like to make sure our clients trust us and know that they are in good hands when it comes to construction, communication, and financial stewardship. During the build phase, we will schedule regular phone calls to review the construction schedules, send progress photos, schedule progress visits, and review any selection timelines in order to keep a seamless building process.

In order to provide the best financials possible, we have worked with our CPA of 25 years to set up a unique accounting system that carefully manages the budgets for each individual project.  As our client, you will be provided with independently managed, transparent, and concise financial updates every two weeks throughout the duration of your project.

04. Building Phase

Planning & Construction

We are in constant pursuit of the best practices and are eager to innovate and improve wherever possible. During the building process, each of our management team members undertake numerous site inspections and photo documentation to ensure our homes perform at the highest level possible. We take pride in our discipline and consistently refine our process to ensure the smallest details are not overlooked.

Alongside our core management team, our subcontractor team adheres to the same unparalleled standards that we do. These subs consist of electricians, HVAC, plumbers, carpenters, artisans, craftsmen, and stone masons. Together we are all committed to collaboratively making your vision come to life.


Final Checklists, & Welcome Home​

As your new home nears completion, your project lead will ensure that no details are missed. We maintain regular meetings to review the progress alongside the financials.

Once the keys to your new home are in your hands, our work doesn’t end. Preish Construction homes are built to stand the test of time, and the stewardship of our clients’ homes is just as enduring. We are your team during the construction of your new home and will remain long after construction has been completed. Our goal is to construct environmentally conscious homes of exceptional craftsmanship that will last lifetimes — our oldest clients know this is true. We have been constructing exceptional homes since 1986 and have a long list of referrals to show for it.