Energy Efficient Techniques

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We utilize two green construction techniques with regard to the foundation of your home: poured, insulated concrete walls, and sealed, conditioned crawlspaces.

Framing Techniques

We employ the use of alternative framing techniques to minimize overall wood usage while maximizing insulation area. This aids in creating and sealing the thermal envelope. We also utilize structured insulated panels (SIP’s) in our homes, dramatically improving the efficiency of the home while creating the tightest possible building envelope.

Smart Design

A highly efficient green home today starts with great architectural design. Architects that understand green building can dramatically save resources with better designs which can be implemented with little wasted time or effort. Factors that need to be considered: site orientation, roof overhangs to take advantage of passive solar, window selection with U-value and Solar Coefficient,  window placement, overall passive solar design, and preserving site ecology to name just a few. Incorporating these along with other design techniques enhances the durability and sustainability of your home!


Sealing the thermal envelope with good insulation is key to building an efficient home today. We prefer two types of envelope insulation: open cell spray foam (Icynene), and structured insulated panels (SIP’s). Icynene is sprayed into all open wall cavities, roof decks, and band joists. This is extremely effective at sealing the many nooks and gaps that naturally occur during the framing process. Alternatively,  we can use SIP’s panels, which are comprised of two (2) pieces of plywood, OSB, or ZIP wallboard with four (4) or six (6) inches of rigid foam in-between. This is also a fantastic way to create a very tight building envelope.


In our green homes, we only utilize low, or preferably, zero-VOC paints. VOC’s are volatile organic compounds, and are noticeable by the smell, or off-gas, they produce. By reducing the amount of VOC’s in a house, you enhance your green home and protect our environment.