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Master Crafted Custom Homes

Build your dream house in the Western Carolinas.

Welcome to the Western Carolinas! Featuring four colorful seasons, a vibrant culture, and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, their landscape serves as an inspiring backdrop for anyone looking to build their dream home. Our builders specialize in creating designs that achieve harmony with this special environment. 

At Preish Construction, we take our craft very seriously. We are passionate about helping our clients bring their vision of a dream home to life, making it a priority to use the most sustainable building practices possible and give the environment the respect it deserves. The end result is an environmentally-conscious, eco-friendly home that strikes the perfect balance between timeless architecture and the landscape you’ll call home.

Work with Sustainable Builders for a Home that Endures.

Get the latest in modern renewable energy technologies.

With the goal of creating homes of exceptional craftsmanship that will last centuries, our builders are proud to be well-versed in the newest sustainable building practices. Through the utilization of today’s modern, renewable-energy technologies, we are excited to bring your vision of a one-of-a-kind, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious home to life.


More Than Builders

In addition to their combined 80+ years of experience as General Contractors, our Executive team holds degrees in Engineering, Business, Marketing, an MBA in Accounting, and 15+ years experience in corporate management.

They’re uniquely qualified to protect and steward your investment, run a very organized, and easy process, and see every project through with the finest of custom craftsmanship. Meet The Team >

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